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Up Close and Personal: Sharing Truths on Resilience and Mental Health with School Educators

Talking about mental health and overcoming its stigma is often challenging.

It was with much interest, therefore, that 21 school leaders from the Ministry of Education, Singapore (MOE) invited Wai Jia to share about her journey through her talk “Resilience and Mental Health – a Journey of Courage” on 11 May, 2021.

Wai Jia’s heartfelt message on how her personal journey drove her to pursue courage and resilience was no less intimate over Zoom as it would have been in person!

She shared how educators have immense power to influence lives and spark hope in their circles of influence, especially when they themselves take courage to overcome societal stigmas on mental health.

In Wai Jia's words,

"Your pain has a purpose - you cannot impart what you have not lived out. So embrace your pain. Make it count."

School Leaders from the Ministry of Education (MOE), Singapore (published with permission)

In the words of an educator who attended the session,

"The authentic and heartfelt sharing by Dr Tam inspires me to want to give more of myself in service of others, and to remember to practise self-care."

Through this session, the educators were challenged to embrace their vulnerability, and inspired to start conversations on mental health, resilience and dreams with their students and fellow educators.

Watch Wai Jia's talk here:


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