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Everyone Has a Gift,

What's Yours?


By Tam Wai Jia

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  • About the Book
    Kitesong is Wai Jia's first book, inspired by the dreams of girls she visited in Nepal. Kitesong represents the dreams we each have to make a difference to others, to help others fly and sing their own kitesongs. Through the powerful simplicity of its lyrical paintings and narrative, Kitesong has encouraged children and adults to pursue their dreams to make a difference to others.
  • Details and Specs
    Title: Kitesong Format: Paperback Product dimensions: 48 pages, 12 x 12 x 5 mm Published: 2006 Language: English Appropriate for ages: All ages
  • Shipping
    We only ship within Singapore. There is a shipping fee of $2.00 for orders with 1-15 books and $4.30 for orders with more than 16 books. Orders will ship between 3-5 working days. For bulk orders above 30 pieces or for shipping to countries outside of Singapore, please drop us an email at
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Savour Animation

Behind Savour

When Wai Jia became a medical doctor, everyone had plans for the perfect future for her. Caught in the rat-race, she was convinced to climb the ladder of success.


Marrying Cliff wrecked her worldview. Having survived liver cancer, his resilience in life brought him to finish a 14-hour IronMan event.


His perspective on living each day as if it were one's last inspired them both to serve the needy while they could.

Life is, after all, brief.


Shortly after marriage, they both put their careers on hold to serve the needy in Uganda for a year.


It is Wai Jia's hope that through Savour, you may remember the song in your heart and rekindle your quenched dreams.

About Savour

A seemingly guileless story about a cat, Savour evokes powerful emotions from anyone who has toiled in the workplace.


Written to challenge our ideals of success, Savour beckons us to remember the dreams we were made for, but might have buried.


Today, Savour is used as an inspirational resource in career counseling at institutions of higher education.

Savour's Voice

Amidst the deafening demands of our world today, Wai Jia's compelling story of leaving a glamorous career path to blaze a different trail in art & humanitarian work has led her to speak all over the world about following one's dreams.

She has also been invited to speak by National Youth Council (Singapore), Johns Hopkins University and several schools.

Get Involved

Interested in getting the book for a friend, inviting Wai Jia for a talk, or using our toolkits for an inspirational session at your event? 

Order copies, make a contribution or write to us!

Book Reviews

The Savour event co-organized with National Youth Council was a deeply introspective experience for many young people.


Many were moved by the book’s message of challenging them what a purposeful life means, amidst the hustle of life and expectations of society.


I would recommend other organizations to adopt Savour and its resources to impact those entering or who have entered the workforce.


- Clarice Song, Head (Youth Engagement), National Youth Council, Singapore


A Singaporean Abroad is a 23-min documentary depicting Wai Jia's journey in Uganda.


A Singaporean Abroad

A Singaporean Abroad

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