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Our Toolkits

We want to empower YOU to facilitate powerful sessions

of hope, healing and growth through our books and accompanying toolkits.

Our toolkits have been used by individuals and organizations to conduct various programs for literacy, leadership, outreach and therapy. 


With our toolkits, you can conduct your own sessions

to ignite hope, inspire faith and set dreams free.


They're Easy to Use!

Follow a step-by-step facilitation guide of activities that empower you

to lead sessions for your audience. Sample activities include:

1. An Inspirational
Video Message

Watch Wai Jia share her personal journey behind each book, with riveting stories and life-changing questions that will challenge and inspire your audience.

2. Book Reading

Let our beautiful books speak to your audience - in hardcopy,

online e-book, or book animation.

3. Discussion Questions

Spark powerful conversations

of hope, healing and growth. Create  opportunities for your audience to reflect and share their journeys.

Explore Our Toolkits & Their Themes

The Kitesong Toolkit


The Kitesong toolkit is often used to spark inspirational discussions on:

  • Pursuing one's dreams

  • Making a difference

  • Daring to dream 


The Rainbow Toolkit


The Rainbow toolkit is often used to ignite hope on themes of:


  • Identity and resilience

  • True beauty and security

  • Mental wellness and recovery


The "I Love You" Toolkit



The "I Love You" toolkit is often used to spark  discussions on:


  • Family trauma and healing

  • Relationships and marriage

  • Love and forgiveness

The Savour Toolkit



The Savour toolkit is often used to inspire new perspectives on:


  • Redefining success

  • True success versus true significance

  • Finding one's true calling


Where Our Toolkits Have Been Used


Children deserve to engage in fun activities that impart wholesome life values to them.


Our transformational toolkits explore themes of love, forgiveness, hope, courage to dream, making a difference, identity and self worth in a fun and engaging way. 


Suggestions for meaningful art and craft activities are also included.

 Youth & Young Adult Programs

Young people today face mounting challenges to find their true identity and purpose. 


Our inspiring toolkits are used by educators to create platforms of safe conversations for topics of self-esteem, identity, love, relationships, forgiveness, redefining success, leadership, and making a difference.

These can be used in small groups, classes, workshops, seminars, and conferences.


Together with experienced therapists from treatment centers in the USA, we have co-developed effective facilitation guides perfect for group therapy programs for clients struggling with eating disorders and mental health disorders.

Have a specific audience in mind?

We can customize your toolkit for your unique event and group!


Using Kitesong as a teaching tool for my students made a powerful impact. Many of them are academically challenged and have low self esteem.


The book opened golden teachable moments where we could discuss our self-worth and our dreams for the future. My students wrote their aspirations down, and together we envisioned how they could reach their dreams despite challenges.


The beauty of these books is that they present deep and difficult topics in a way that adults and young children can understand and engage with. I am looking forward to designing similar lessons with her other books!

Ms Kuek, Teacher

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