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Our Books

Kitesong’s message is timeless, giving hope and inspiration. The book lends itself to infinite uses - as an uplifting night time read with a child, in a youth group, as a coaching, mentoring or counseling tool, or in a group discussion among adults, young and old. 
I recommend it as great springboard for deep discussions, or for personal reflection for those seeking to awaken long-dormant dreams
-    Lee, Lecturer at Singapore Management University and student mentor

Our Talks

- Rae Lynn DeAngelis,

Founder/Executive Director of Living in Truth Ministries, USA

Wai Jia's captivating testimony at a conference in Nashville was awe-inspiring. More than an inspirational speaker and talented writer, she is the real deal!


Her books speak to the heart, give words to the unspoken thoughts of the soul, and provide wings to dreams yet to be lived.





Our Programs

Using Kitesong as a teaching tool for my students made a powerful impact. Many of them are academically challenged and have low self esteem.


The book opened golden teachable moments where we could discuss our self-worth and our dreams for the future. My students wrote their aspirations down, and together we envisioned how they could reach their dreams despite challenges.


The beauty of these books is that they present deep and difficult topics in a way that adults and young children can understand and engage with. I am looking forward to designing similar lessons with her other books!




 - Ms Kuek, Teacher

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