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Meet Our Team

Dr. Tam Wai Jia, Founder & Board Director for Kitesong Global (Singapore)

Tam Wai Jia

Founder & Board Director

Lee Boon Chuan, Board Director of Kitesong Global (Singapore)

Lee Boon Chuan

Board Director

Malcolm Mahadevan, Board Director of Kitesong Global (Singapore)

Malcolm Ravindran Mahadevan

Board Director

Pamela Teo - Executive Director for Kitesong Global (Singapore)

Pamela Teo

Executive Director

Tiffany Koh -  Executive Administrator for Kitesong Global (Singapore)

Tiffany Koh

Executive Administrator

Dawn Lee - Communications & Curriculum Lead for Kitesong Global (Singapore)

Dawn Lee

Communications & Curriculum Lead

Volunteers are a big part of our team 


We have volunteers from various countries serving in graphic design, administration, social media, communications, and more.

What Our Volunteer Say

Volunteering at Kitesong Global has been an empowering experience. I’ve had numerous opportunities to step up beyond my comfort zone, and through this I’ve learnt that we’re all capable of doing things greater than we can imagine; we just need the spark, and Kitesong has given me that.

Jewel Yu  shares a testimony as a volunteer for Kitesong Global (Singapore)

Jewel Yu


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