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Love is a Choice

About Rainbow

I Love You

By Tam Wai Jia

$14.00 SGD

  • About the Book
    Kitesong is Wai Jia's first book, inspired by the dreams of girls she visited in Nepal. Kitesong represents the dreams we each have to make a difference to others, to help others fly and sing their own kitesongs. Through the powerful simplicity of its lyrical paintings and narrative, Kitesong has encouraged children and adults to pursue their dreams to make a difference to others.
  • Details and Specs
    Title: Kitesong Format: Paperback Product dimensions: 48 pages, 12 x 12 x 5 mm Published: 2006 Language: English Appropriate for ages: All ages
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    We only ship within Singapore. There is a shipping fee of $2.00 for orders with 1-15 books and $4.30 for orders with more than 16 books. Orders will ship between 3-5 working days. For bulk orders above 30 pieces or for shipping to countries outside of Singapore, please drop us an email at
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I Love You Animation

Behind "I Love You"

Once a deep skeptic of love, Wai Jia's world was turned upside down when Cliff, a liver cancer survivor and IronMan Finisher entered her life.
When Cliff's liver crisis challenged their decision whether to marry or not, it was excruciating decision.
Yet, they chose faith.

On their wedding day, they chose to give all their monetary wedding gifts totalling $60'000 SGD to 2 anti-sex trafficking NGOs in Cambodia and Calcutta, which have rescued many women and children to date.


It seemed like a foolish decision to many, but Cliff reminded Wai Jia, to "start our marriage on a foundation of radical faith, love and obedience, and not fear." 

Love's Voice

Today, Cliff and Wai Jia speak regularly at conferences, workshops and interviews about their unique love story and marriage. They are advocates of growing healthy relationships and committing to marriage.


"I love you" has also been used in marriage conferences and seminars to encourage couples to build a foundation of love bigger than themselves, to make a difference to our world.

How You Can Help

Interested in getting the book for a friend, ordering them as wedding favors, or using the toolkits as resources for family therapy, marriage conferences and workshops? 

Order copies, make a contribution or write to us!

Book Reviews

"I Love You" beautifully expresses the touchstones of strong marital love through the simplicity and power of poetry.  

The simple illustrations capture the imagery of child-like faith and friendship that every couple needs to cultivate over a lifetime. 

Highly recommended as a discussion tool or meaningful giveaway at marriage seminars, conferences or workshops!

- Claire Nazar, Master Trainer in Prevention and Relationship Education Program (PREP®), 
Co-founder of Lifebuilders Pte Ltd

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