Contribute to Our Causes
in Singapore

As friends like you join us, we can help set every dream free.

As our Singapore entity is a company limited by guarantee (CLG) and is currently awaiting registration as a charity by the authorities, we are unable to offer tax exemption receipts.
Give via PayNow to UEN:
1. Select PayNow on your banking app.
2. Click on "PayNow to UEN". 
3. Enter UEN no: 202035142M and click Next.
4. Ensure that Entity Name is correct:
Kitesong Global (Singapore) Ltd.

5. Click Next to complete the contribution.
Give via Local Bank Transfer:
DBS account no. 072-036385-0
Recipient name: Kitesong Global (Singapore) Ltd.
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Where Our Singapore Funds Go


We create resources (toolkits, workshops, videos, etc.) to empower vulnerable communities

health efforts

We deliver initiatives for mental health, eating disorders, infectious and chronic diseases.

our staff

We hope to fund a staff member to support our work and impact in Singapore.

our books

Our books are used to inspire individuals and groups including hospital patients, students, and educators.

Every year, we embark on a journey of faith, trusting for funds.


Without the support of generous contributors like yourself,

Kitesong Global's work would not be possible. 

Thank you for partnering with us to set every dream free.