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Leap of faith: The story of the crayon collective

Sometimes, the first step towards unlocking the dreams of your heart is to be daring with the tools in your hands.

The Crayon Collective (TCC) is the brainchild of three young adults — Tammy Yim, Faith Teo and Stephanie Peck — friends who came together, pooling their talents into a small business that raised over $650, in less than a month, through the sale of 272 postcards. The profits, raised last August, were donated to Prison Fellowship Singapore, a non-profit organisation that reaches out to prisoners, ex-offenders, and their families.

It started over a casual conversation between Tammy and Faith — what Faith saw as a hobby, Tammy noted as potential, that Faith’s drawings could be developed into postcards for sale.

This idea was received with hesitance, for Faith doubted her art worthy of commercial production. Then, after Faith attended a Kitesong workshop about the power of small dreams, she decided to give the idea a shot.

Says Faith Teo,

“Sometimes you don’t feel good enough, sometimes the world tells you you’re not good enough… and that hinders you from trying.

The Kitesong workshop and book sparked something in me, to perhaps give a little more thought to the idea of my work being commercialised, to maybe see if anything could be gotten out of this little gift of art that I have been given, to make the most of what I have, however I can.”

Faith and Tammy, later joined by Stephanie, worked together to create postcards promoted and sold over Instagram (@_thecrayoncollective_) and chat groups.

It was team effort, with each of them using their gifts for a bigger purpose, and the courage to take that first leap of faith, that made any of this possible.

On our end, the team at Kitesong is so heartened to work towards a world where every dream is set free.


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