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Medical Students Empower Girls from a Children’s Home

On 3 June 2021, a group of medical students from the National University of Singapore Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine (NUS YLLSOM) ran an online workshop on mental wellness for 9 girls aged 14-21 from Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home.

Under the initiative called Project Women Empowerment (Project WE), the students aimed to empower young women through raising awareness of mental health struggles, including eating disorders.

Using our book, A Taste of Rainbow, and the Rainbow toolkit, the students facilitated powerful discussions on identity and self esteem. They inspired the girls to find hope amidst trials.

One student facilitator shared how the material helped them discuss eating disorders with girls both familiar and unfamiliar with the subject:

"As a facilitator, I was comforted by how happy the girls were to discuss the topic. [Kitesong Global’s] material approaches the topic in a way that is comfortable for participants both familiar and unfamiliar with eating disorders."

Medical student facilitators from Project WE (published with permission)

Another student facilitator reflected on how the resources inspired her to continue creating safe spaces for others to seek support:

“The book and Dr Tam’s sharing in the toolkit videos really showed me that it is okay and even good to be vulnerable, as we open up doors for others to acknowledge their problems and reach out with support! The session has furthered my drive to create more safe spaces for the people I meet to open up and seek support.”

Echoing how the meaningful session spurred them on, another facilitator mused,

“I truly enjoyed the girls’ sharing about what they saw and felt after watching the book animation. It spurs me on to conduct further sessions with other attendees because it felt meaningful.”


With Kitesong Global’s toolkits, you can facilitate powerful discussions on topics like pursuing dreams. Activities include a video message of Wai Jia’s story, a book reading and discussion questions. Explore the toolkits here:


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