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Rediscovering Dreams – Kitesong Workshop for Medical Students

The vision of Kitesong Global is a better world, transformed by dreams.

In the past, these dreams would be ignited through face-to-face talks delivered by Wai Jia.

But a burden to share these stories more widely led to the creation of Kitesong Global toolkits that enable educators all around the world to conduct powerful workshops with their audiences.

On 17 May 2021, a group of 16 medical students from the National University of Singapore Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine (NUS YLLSOM) were inspired through the Health & Humanity elective, conducted by a medical educator using our Kitesong Toolkit.

The elective was first started by Wai Jia during her time as a medical educator at NUS during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Focused on rekindling the heart of medicine, the elective aimed to inspire students, worn from the hardships of medical school, to rediscover their dreams and rediscover the humanity in medicine.

During the break out discussion, students reflected on and shared their personal journeys and struggles. One student shared,

"It was inspiring to see that there are other young people like me, who still have dreams and have the courage to pursue them, despite the many restrictions and limitations we face."

Girl flying kite

Another student mused that the life-long commitment of the medical profession meant that doctors are at risk of real burnout and loss of motivation along the way. The session encouraged her to cling on to hope and dreams.

"I hope that in our lifelong journey in this medical profession, we will not lose that child in us. I hope that we will all be able to keep that sparkle alive in our hearts and continue to set our dreams free."

Beyond her own dreams, the Kitesong workshop inspired her that the littlest of dreams have immense power to touch lives.

"No matter how small or insignificant our initiative or aspiration may seem, it will always be worth pursuing because we don’t know whose lives we will touch. As long as we have that faith and heart in the things we do, we will be able to touch lives."


With Kitesong Global’s toolkits, you can facilitate powerful discussions on topics like pursuing dreams. Activities include a video message of Wai Jia’s story, book reading and discussion questions. Explore the toolkits here:


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