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Helping students form healthy friendships

Interpersonal relationships are crucial, especially during the adolescent years. That is why Bedok Green Secondary School held a Welcome and Wellness programme (W&W) on the first day of the school term, this March, with the aim of encouraging healthy relationships within the student body.

The session included a mental wellness segment for around 1000 students across all levels, and utilised one of Kitesong Global’s toolkits — the book I Love you — to facilitate conversations on healthy friendships.

The workshop materials were adapted and co-curated with a group of medical students from the National University of Singapore Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine (NUS YLLSOM), who were inspired by the Kitesong workshop they received during their Health & Humanity elective to make a tangible difference to their community.

The activities and stories were positively received. Many students liked the mental wellness segment, and the W&W programme in general. The use of Kitesong Global’s toolkit was also well-received by the educators and facilitators.

Said Ms Louisa Tan, a school counsellor,

“The great thing about the materials was that it was tailored towards the youth. Topics such as managing interpersonal relationships and finding themselves are very relevant to our youth.”

Mr Boy, the school principal, stressed the role of stories in effecting change.

“The books are beautiful because they can be read at different levels. Regardless of maturity or experience, the material is relevant. Beyond that, stories are powerful because they are like data with a soul. When packaged in a story, information touches a person’s inner being. And when we connect with stories, it causes us to reflect from the inside. This is more effective than being told what to do.”

With the end of this successful W&W programme, we are heartened that Bedok Green Secondary School intends to use more of Kitesong Global’s toolkits in the upcoming term.


With Kitesong Global’s toolkits, you can facilitate powerful discussions on topics like pursuing dreams. Activities include a video message of Wai Jia’s story, book reading and discussion questions. Explore the toolkits here:


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