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Cheering Our Brothers On

In September 2020, our partner LifeHouse SG visited our migrant worker brothers, bringing them essential items and uplifting messages of encouragement.

Knowing that our brothers were far away from home, LifeHouse SG reached out to our team to request for mental health resources, to help lift their spirits and share practical tips on mental well-being. Kitesong Global’s initiative to develop light-hearted, relatable comic characters through the Risk Communication and Community Engagement programme via My Brother SG came in handy!

LifeHouse SG brought good cheer to our brothers with 1000 copies of our multilingual resource booklets focused on mental well-being, and LifeHouse SG’s postcards.

Says Stephanie who leads LifeHouse SG - a ground up initiative with a desire to bless the community,

"We received some postcards and emails back from the migrant brothers thanking us and giving us encouragement! That was so heartwarming for the team."

The LifeHouse SG Team bringing cheer to our migrant brothers! Photo courtesy of LifeHouse SG.

Thank you for blessing our brothers, LifeHouse SG! We’re sure they were as encouraged as you were!


Looking for ways to bless Singapore’s migrant workers? Partner with us through My Brother SG. To find out more about how you can help, visit today.


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