“A Taste of Rainbow” is the title of Wai Jia’s  2nd book, published to raise awareness about eating disorders  and youth issues, after her courageous recovery from anorexia and depression.

Unlike what many may think, anorexia is not a weakness or vanity. Rather, sufferers struggle with their body image because they are hurting inside. As eating disorders increase round the world among younger people at an alarming rate, we have a responsibility to encourage those suffering to overcome their fears to seek help.

Wai Jia has been speaking at various platforms on  her faith and recovery. “Bounce Back Stronger” records her story of resilience.


Based on a story about a little girl and her ice-cream, this book inspires one to cling onto hope in times of adversity, and find courage amidst one’s trials.

To read the book, click here. Find out how to obtain copies of Rainbow here.

Rainbow Cover Page

To find out how you can obtain copies of the book to encourage a friend, support your patients or reach out to youth, please write to cliffnwaijia@gmail.com or orders@soweressentials.com. Free copies are available for meaningful platforms of distribution to reach at-risk groups.

You may read more about her journey to recovery on her blog:



“A seemingly child-like book, ‘A Taste of Rainbow’ packs a powerful message of healing and hope. Wai Jia’s courage will inspire many to take that first step towards recovery- we never need to walk alone. This book is a voice to those struggling in the darkness. May it bless you as much as it has blessed me and many others.”

– Anita Fam, Board Member, National Council of Social Service


“It has been an amazing journey to see Wai Jia’s transformation from a struggling patient to missionary doctor. Her journey of resilience makes her an authentic and inspirational role model, for young and old. As a healthcare professional who has practised for over 20 years, I believe this is a must-read for young women, parents, teachers, counsellors and those in healthcare.”

– Dr. Lee Ee Lian, Psychiatrist specializing in eating disorders


“After suffering from an eating disorder for years, I knew I would either die from the illness or bounce back helping others. Like the little girl in this book, I reached out for help. Truly, there was sunshine after the rain. Now years later as a counsellor, I find fulfilment each day helping others find their sunshine too. This book will bring you hope, healing and encouragement- as it did for me. “

– T, counsellor, 32 years


“As a parent of a child with an eating disorder, I am deeply thankful for this book. The pictures reflect the struggles of my child and give hope to those recovering. Eating disorders are increasing in our society, and they are treatable. This book reminds us that help and support are available. It brings hope to those who are putting up a good fight.”

– S, parent, 51 years


“I picked up this book 3 years ago because I really love rainbows. I did not know what it was about but when I read it, I was shocked because at the time, I was receiving treatment for anorexia. Through its pages, I felt God speaking to me about life and hope. At my last hospital visit, I left the book there because I hope to pass on the blessing to others who are suffering.”

– J, student, 19 years