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Setting Chinese Calligrapy at home.

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All profits are dedicated to supporting our work in making a difference in the lives of youth and vulnerable communities.

Banner photos by Jonathan Levi 

The Dreams Collection

"The Dreams Collection" was first launched earlier this year for Chinese New Year. The exhibition helped people struggling with their broken pasts to find hope by revealing their beauty through a renewed lens.


It features a series of 10 original Chinese calligraphy artworks that celebrate intergenerational healing by inspiring a sense of redemption, renewal, and restoration.

Chinese Calligraphy exhibit, The Dreams Collection, in Singapore
Chinese Calligraphy displays at home with family.

The Anchor Collection

This Christmas, we are releasing "The Anchor Collection," a re-birth of the well-received "Dreams Collection." Each artwork is now available as 40 by 40cm prints with classy, modern gold-trimmed frames and vintage mahogany editions, perfect for every home.


Says Dr. Tam, "My hope is that every home can have a piece of art that visually draws every family member to a central, anchor piece that reminds us of the character of God." As each Chinese character reflects a facet of God's goodness, Dr. Tam hopes that we will always remember His steadfastness as the anchor of our lives.

Purchase the Art to Support Youth

Our calligraphy paintings are available for purchase on our website. 

Original paintings are exclusively priced at $6,000 each. 
Prints are available at $299 (U.P. $329) each until Dec 12, 2023.

100% of all profits are dedicated to supporting Kitesong Global (Singapore) in their mission to empower youth and make a positive impact on vulnerable communities.

Dr. Tam Wai Jia, award-winning Singaporean artist and humanitarian doctor.

About the Artist

Dr. Tam Wai Jia is an award-winning Singaporean artist and humanitarian doctor known for her philanthropic, advocacy and public health work among underserved communities. 

Recognized as Forbes Asia’s inaugural “30 Under 30” list, and Young Outstanding Singaporean at the age of 24, she is a Lee Kuan Yew Scholar globally recognized as a “disrupter reshaping the world” for catalyzing the power of both science and art for greater good.

At the age of 18, Wai Jia's volunteering stint at a children's home in Nepal turned into an unforgettable eviction, spurring her to illustrate her first picture book "Kitesong" which raised over $100'000 for a permanent home for abandoned girls. 

Since then, her audacious belief in the power of small dreams has permeated her artwork in various forms.

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