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The Anchor Collection

If you enjoyed Dr. Tam Wai Jia's roving Chinese calligraphy exhibition, "The Dreams Collection", earlier this year and wished to purchase them as gifts for Christmas or Chinese New Year, here's delightful news for you.

The artist is re-launching her artwork as "The Anchor Collection," now printed in a cozier 40 by 40cm size with classy, modern gold-trimmed frames and vintage mahogany editions, perfect for every home.


Says Dr. Tam, "My hope is that every home can have a piece of art that visually draws every family member to a central, anchor piece that reminds us of the character of God." As each Chinese character reflects a facet of God's goodness, Dr. Tam hopes that we will always remember His steadfastness as the anchor of our lives. 

Shop the Prints

Prints are available for $299 (U.P. $329) and are delivered with your choice of a gold or mahogany frame.

Secure your pre-order from now till December 12, 2023, and receive it by December 23, 2023*.

*Applies only to deliveries made within Singapore. For other enquiries, please contact us at


Please note that all pre-orders will conclude on December 12, 2023. 


All profits are dedicated to supporting Kitesong Global (Singapore) in their efforts to make a difference in the lives of youth and vulnerable communities.

Interested in the Originals?

If you're keen to contribute to Kitesong Global's cause and love our calligraphy, consider purchasing an original here.

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