Once a deep skeptic of romantic love, Wai Jia never thought she would marry until her divine encounter with Cliff. On 27th October 2012, the couple launched Wai Jia’s 3rd picture book, “I love you”, on their wedding day.

Having visited anti-trafficking ministries in Cambodia during previous mission trips, they gave all monetary gifts from their wedding and proceeds from the book to support the building of a Guesthouse there, which employs rescued sex workers.

Today, the “White Linen” Boutique Hotel empowers many young women with a new lease of life.

White Linen Guesthouse

To read the book, click here. Find out how to obtain copies of I Love You here.

I Love You Cover

Make a Difference

All around the world, millions of children are trapped in depression, slavery, or abuse. Many are trafficked annually for child labor and sexual exploitation.

You can make a difference.

By building healthy marriages, you can create and safe and loving home for your children. Through fostering and adoption, you can build a new home for a child. By sharing the cause behind the book, you can raise awareness about the plight of needy children around the world.

Say “I love you” to your loved one. Sponsor, foster or adopt a child. Start by loving one person. You can make a difference.

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