Celebrating our firstborn’s imminent arrival with loved ones was a desire I held close to my heart- but knowing we were moving to a new country late in our pregnancy, I buried that prayer, assuming that chances of a baby shower in a new community would be paper-thin.

How touched were we then, by an unexpected Baby Shower Surprise.

What moved me deeply was being told by Cliff’s friends how faithful a friend he has been, how loved he is, and how that love naturally extends to his wife and soon-to-be family.

The homemade food, hand-made decorations and most importantly, the presence of friends who loved us, made the occasion perfect.

Thank you for such beautiful memories,

and God,

for Your lavish love as always.

Baby Shower 2

Lovingly handmade decorations, with the most thoughtful pictures

Baby Shower 3Wonderful friends and memories

You are deeply loved, and highly favored,

Baby Tam.

With every year, comes its highs and lows, disappointments and joys.

Life is not perfect, I often struggle with disappointments and at times, grudgingly ask God why.

Yet, with a heart of thanksgiving, I believe we can always rejoice as we give Him thanks for what we’ve been blessed with. We may not understand everything, but as we count our blessings and thank Him for them, I believe He draws us into deeper trust, and greater faith.

This year, I am most grateful to God for, in no order of priority:

1. Baby Tam

I remember the time we found out we were expecting, after a heartbreaking disappointment a few months before.

We never expected pregnancy to be such an enjoyable, exhilarating experience. We didn’t expect it would bring our marriage closer together, and draw us deeper into understanding God’s ways, His goodness and His love for us as a Father.

Carrying, nourishing and growing Tiny Tam has been an amazing privilege.



2. A Miraculous Pregnancy

Pregnancy has a notorious reputation of causing heartburn, back pain, emotional turmoil and a host of other discomforts and inconveniences.

Yet, by God’s grace and under the covering of a prayerful husband, I’ve had the privilege of experiencing a supernatural journey. Pregnancy not only healed me of my scoliosis pain and premenstrual symptoms (which ought to worsen), but taught me many precious lessons about learning to rejoice in all circumstances, and caring for myself and a new life.

Now in my third trimester and nearing full term, I’ll have to say being in my third trimester (the one everyone hates) has been my most enjoyable.

As crazy as it sounds, I will certainly miss pregnancy when its over!


Back at 6 months

3. A Loving Husband

Through a year of ups and downs, where we faced many hard decisions about moving, staying on, applying for numerous scholarship /study /residential / immigration forms, what made the biggest difference in my life was God’s blessing of a loving husband whose steadfast faith and leadership anchored me deeply.


Back at 32 weeks or so

4. A Cherished Opportunity

Being accepted into Johns Hopkins, receiving the Fulbright scholarship and finally, and having the opportunity to actually pursue it next year in the States with my husband and baby was a great blessing I still find surreal to take in.

Without God and Cliff, none of this would have been possible.



5. A New Season

As we enter a new season, we are so grateful for all the blessings God has showered upon us as we undertake all things new.

It seems apt for us to be experiencing winter at the moment, as we take this season to rest, reflect and ponder over what God will do in the coming year.

Trusting that as we continue to surrender our lives to Him,

that He will reveal and draw us closer to the greater, eternal purposes He has for our lives.


May He do the same for you,

as you surrender all to Him in 2017.

Good advice is what it is- good.

Yet, I wonder, if the hardest and greatest lesson I’ve learnt in the past year, has been learning to discern “good advice” from God’s best.

Looking back at a year of bizarre and bewildering events, I can only marvel at how, even in my own folly, ignorance and blindness, amidst a thousand voices echoing each of their own well-intentioned opinions, God led us to where we are now, a place I would never imagine being in- living out of two suitcases, in a country 40 degrees colder than my own, with the wintry snow pouring outside, and a warm baby inside me.

In a world preoccupied with pursuing one’s dreams, following one’s heart and amassing the world’s topnotch advice to get to the top, I am learning, that perhaps the more important thing is to learn the restfulness of surrender, so we can seal off the cacophony of voices and in the quiet, wait and trust that God will reveal His best plans for us, far better than what we would have planned ourselves.

If I had planned my life in 2016 according to what I had deemed as good advice, what I knew and was sure of, things would be vastly different from what they are now.

For one, I would not be halfway across the globe, in my third trimester, preparing to deliver a baby and embark on further studies in yet another country. If I had planned my life according to what seemed safest and good at the time, based on our calculations, measurements and good judgment, we would still be where we were, no less than 3 weeks ago, running the same routine we had been running.

More importantly, we would not have had the privilege of being on a breathtaking roller coaster ride called Faith where His surprises keep surpassing one another at a breathtaking rate.

Don’t get me wrong- Good Advice is good. Ignoring it comes at the price of pride or folly. After all, it helps us prepare ourselves mentally and emotionally for what is to come. It helps us count the cost.

Yet I am learning, that if we allow it to lead us like a shepherd, if we follow it on a tightrope line on our tippy toes instead of moving into the radical step God calls us to take, we would find ourselves still on that tightrope, walking out the fulfilment of mass predictability, circumscribed by the opinions, thoughts and recommendations of what others and we ourselves thought was Good.

By the measures of Good Advice and our own reality, we should be financially strapped and stressed out from having stopped work, moved continents and homes in pregnancy, with a 5-figure debt of study fees to pay for and a baby on the way. Whatever we did should have been the stupidest thing we did, seeming last-minute, unprepared and haphazard. Every step we took was counterintuitive, grating Good Advice the wrong way. According to it, I should be having a mental breakdown right about now, if not some months ago.

But by God’s grace, His gentle hand nudged us out of our comfort zones.

Instead of holding desperately onto what was familiar, 2016 taught us to wait in the darkness, to be comfortable in the unknown and to embrace uncertainty. Because in that blank, dark space of restlessness, is the certainty of God needing to swoop in to take control. In that premise of uncertainty, is the opportunity to see His love take the shape of reality.

When we did, I discovered that God’s reality far surpasses our own.

God’s reality confounds human expectations, unceremoniously overturns human predictions, and leaves Good Advice looking at best, its worst.

People have commented that they’ve gone out of breath watching the pace at which things have moved in our lives in the past few months. After all, it was only in a few weeks span in 2016 that we found out we were expecting, accepted into Johns Hopkins, that we might then need to stay in Singapore, then may have to move to Canada and the States thereafter, that it wasn’t for sure my leave would be approved by the government so we don’t know anything for sure, and two, no three of our lives were in limbo, and seriously how were we going to pull this whole thing off?

Good Advice told us all the above was a cauldron for disaster, brewing a storm of mental, marital and familial stresses, depression, and a huge financial burden ahead of us. It exposed our limitations, pointed out a series of closed doors, overwhelmed us with “but”s and “maybe”s.

Discerning Good Advice from God’s plans was hardly a straightforward process. We waited, listened, made mistakes, went back, waited, and re-listened again. Yet, the journey was well worth the effort.

Yet, we know that the only reason why we were unrushed, uncrushed and unfrazzled was not because we outsmarted or outwitted Good Advice.

It was because in the eye of the storm of reality was a place of abundant grace, where God’s reality overturned what ours should have predicted.

God’s reality has the power to give birth to unimagined possibilities, spawn new resources, create life out of nothing.

The fact is- Good Advice is good. It could be lifesaving, even.

But do we believe that when we are called differently to a level of faith that calls for a risk greater than what our minds can conceive, that God’s reality surpasses our own, in ways beyond our imaginings?

Is it then unreasonable for Him to ask us to take the step of faith off the tightrope first, to lose our way that we may find His?

Who would have known nor imagined that He had divinely planned our baby’s birth in the same month as term would start, such that my application for an online Masters program could not only be deferred, but be converted to an on-site program which would then make it eligible for financial support through scholarships?

Who could have timed with such clockwork precision my application to Canada, such that baby would receive free healthcare just when we landed? Who else could have measured the announcement of the approval of my no-pay leave from the government with chronological precision before we had to fly, with just the right number of months needed for Cliff to fulfill his residential healthcare needs in Canada before we had to move again?

And with what almost seems like metronomic rhythm and consistency, He provided a perfect home, and people eager to bless us with everything we needed for Baby’s arrival when we arrived, making Good Advice blush.

I am learning, that a life of waiting in uncertainty and moving when Faith calls is unnerving, and can look haphazard, last-minute and irresponsible, even. We’ve had our fair share of are-you-out-of-your-minds looks.

But it is surely not chance when ripple chains of divine doors open with contagion.

When we are willing to take the risk to trust that an invisible God has plans ready to happen beyond what we can think or imagine, perhaps we may find that His script for our lives were written way before our birth, before we knew what we thought we knew about what we wanted.

Above all, when Good Advice comes our way telling us to slow down, to toe the line more carefully, to keep, save, store more, are we willing to pause to reflect and discern its source? Are we willing to take it in graciously, not bark at it with self-righteous pride or defensiveness, and use it to power our prayers to usher in breakthrough after breakthrough in our lives?

With a new baby, new homes, new countries, and a new professional endeavour to embark on in 2017, we know that it’ll be a great deal to take in. Yet, in this uncertainty, we can hold on to the assurance that as we wait in open expectation, God will never fail to provide, show up and surprise us with His reality.

What realities have Good Advice circumscribed for us in the past and new year?

I am learning, that Good Advice is good and should probably not be ignored… just up to the point where His reality surpasses our very own.

This season, I was reminded of the similarities between both Christmas and Baby’s arrival- celebrations, food, endless gifts, and endless cheer.

Yet, in a very cold and frosty winter, with the lights and fanfare melting into a different, quiet kind of white Christmas this year, I began to reflect upon the kind of Christmases we would have when we become three.

I wondered how life would be like with you, if you would enjoy being part of our Team, traipsing the world to follow God’s call for our lives.

I began to wonder, if someday you might wonder why we lived the way we did, if you might question us for bringing you to the mission field. If maybe, we had stayed behind in one place and earned more to afford more, let you make friends from one country primarily, let you grow up “normally” with things other people had, you might be happier. I used to wonder, if our decisions, now and in future, might cause you to lack in some way.

This Christmas, I’m reminded that you have a better Father and parent than we could ever be to you. Did you know, that on the morning Mama was looking for a second-hand bassinet for you online, we went to church that day and a lady we met only the week before came to us with an almost brand-new bassinet and said she felt led to give it to us? I never told her or anyone else we needed one- not even Papa knew.

Did you know, that last Sunday, we went home with 3 big bags of clothes for you from a couple who wanted to bless you? I was a little apprehensive while opening the black trash bags, wondering if the clothes were weary and worn. They were trash bags after all. But my, were they beautiful, Baby. They were the cutest pieces from Baby Gap, Tommy Hilfiger’s and The Children’s Place, places we would probably never shop at for you on our own.

I was reminded, that Jesus was born to shepherd parents, who delivered him in dire circumstances of desperation. They had little, but they had Much.

And Jesus grew to become the Son of Man not because of what His parents could afford Him, but because of the greater, eternal purposes His Father had for Him.

Mary didn’t have money to buy fancy baby things, do private cord blood banking, or hire a confinement nanny. Joseph didn’t stress himself over buying Fisher-Price cribs, bouncers, diaper bags, playpens or Jolly-jumpers. They didn’t stress over buying childcare insurance or decorating the nursery.

They raised Jesus the best way they could, and God did the rest.

One day over a social gathering, I went home shaken, after learning I was earning less than half the income of my peers because of the decisions we had chosen based on God’s call. My face was flushed when put on the spot.

That very same evening, however, I returned to a very large house, and was reminded how His providence takes different forms. We might not have a better paycheck to buy you better things, Tiny Tam, but remember this, that God provides in ways beyond our imaginings. When the owner of our previous home asked us to house-sit his bungalow for free for a year, it would have cost us more than double my salary to rent it per month.

We are learning, that money may buy us what we want, but not what we need, Tiny Tam. And we can’t let it define us.

Mama understood this better just a few days ago, when she started to panic because Papa and Mama have stopped working to study full-time. Work is very important to people like us, Tiny, because it gives us a sense of importance, security, purpose- and things. Mama likes to work. I was scared to suddenly be without work, to prepare myself to be fully available to you, the tiniest human being we know.

But I am learning, that money doesn’t guarantee us sufficiency. God does.

We might not earn like we would have, Tiny. Christmases might not mean holidays overseas, endless gadgets and toys under the tree or branded clothes.

But Mama and Papa can tell you one thing for sure, that God’s hand is never too short to provide you with things. And the best part is, that things aren’t even the best part.

The best gift you could ever have, for Christmas or otherwise, is the gift of knowing Him, through and through.

The best gifts in life, are often not what you had to earn for yourself, but what was given to you, freely and liberally, by grace.

It’s Mama’s first white Christmas ever in her life, and we are both amazed at how God carved out this precious season of our lives to await and prepare for your arrival. That’s priceless, isn’t it? That’s something Mama’s career can’t buy for our family, can it?

So Mama and Papa’s prayer is that someday when you’re growing up, you’ll come to experience for yourself how good God is, how much thanksgiving can explode into a million bits of joy in our heart far more than any brand new toy, and how little there is we can provide for you that will truly be enough.

We pray that for all your life, God will be more than enough for you no matter where we are, that Christmas will be more than gifts or things, but the fullness of knowing His heart.

God is our sufficiency. Merry Christmas, Tiny Tam.



With the snow pouring from the sky in frenzied flurries, I had tears in my eyes.

Right after I had landed, everyone had told me how absolutely necessary it was for me to get a winter jacket- and soon. Not knowing how cold it would get (it’s apparently colder here than on Mars now), and amidst the many priorities of finding housing and resettling for baby, I put it at the backburner.

But everyone warned me, it would only get colder.

As well-meaning angels started to reach out to pass on baby winter items to us, I began to marvel in amazement at how between them all, almost everything on our list was covered. Yet, my own winter jacket remained unchecked on the list.

That evening, we visited the beautiful home of Cliff’s friend, one whom he hadn’t contacted in years but who had reached out to us in love and kindness. Noticing that she was a stylish, practical mother, we were on our way out with a bagful of second-hand baby items when I casually asked where she would recommend for me to find an affordable winter coat. We had spent some time searching for one with the right price and right fit for a growing belly, but to no avail.

As soon as the words left my mouth, her eyes widened, as she picked up a beautiful winter coat hanging over the chair next to her.

“I love this coat- I told my husband I wanted to pass this on to bless someone. But I couldn’t bear to ask you because it has a tiny hole in the lining inside and I haven’t got it fixed. Would you like to try it on?”

As we left her door with bags of thoughtful gifts for baby, and me wearing the new coat, flurries of snow poured from the sky.

I teared, remembering what another pastor had prayed for us before we left Singapore, that there would be people waiting and eager to bless us to fill our needs when we arrived.

I teared, with the revelation that our Heavenly Father means it when He asks us not to worry, for if He clothes and feeds the grass and the sparrows, should He not care for us too?

That night, it snowed and snowed.

I teared, knowing that of all days, He chose to bless me with a winter coat on the first day it snowed where I was, that it was a cut which fit me perfectly and the exact design of what I had previously described to Cliff, that it was from a brand I would never have bought for myself.

I used to worry that once we came to North America, it might be harder to see God’s hand in our lives, what with the comforts of the developed world.

But I am learning, that such is the love of a Father. He follows and pursues us wherever we go, He makes Himself visible through the invisible, He surprises us with the unexpected when we least expect it.

It doesn’t matter where we are, because His love follows us.

Such is the love of a Father 15219502_10157914276095635_1649066425347522409_n

Four years ago when we married, I remember telling Cliff how beautiful I thought Canada was, to which he told me, “You don’t know what you’re saying until you’ve experienced a Canadian winter!”

To which I replied with candor, “Well in that case, let me be in my third trimester if it ever happens!”

Who would have known that four years later, it would be a statement come true.

At 33 weeks, snow has officially arrived.

Thanking God for the beauty of willow trees withstanding the winter, the warm hug of a husband and a baby who literally does keep me feeling quite toasty mostly!

Missing everyone back home


The last day before snow arrived.

Photo credits: Team Tam

We had been forewarned.

At a time before we left Singapore, amidst many unknowns about where we would next stay, how we would care for baby amidst multiple adjustments and question marks on finances, a pastor told us, “God loves your child so much more than you could ever imagine, that the extent of His love for Baby will amaze you. He will go before you to prepare a place for you, and provide for you in ways you will never expect.”

It boggles my mind at times, to think about how true that has been.

We had been warned, that getting a short term lease near Cliff’s parents’ home before Christmas would be extremely difficult. To find a fully furnished, affordable place in that area for just 6 months before we transited yet again would be a shot in dark. With Christmas round the corner, we were further warned that suitable rentals would be harder to come by.

Up till the time we boarded the plane, we had no promising leads. The very next morning, however, we were unexpectedly asked to view a home. It was simple but cosy, everything we had dreamed of, and much more. Not only was it a short ten-minute drive from Cliff’s family, it was fully furnished, filled with natural sunlight, and priced below its value.

It was as if God Himself had scouted it out and handpicked it for us, down to the smallest detail, even before we had arrived, so we could avoid the circumlocutory process of looking for a place to prepare for baby’s arrival. Such is the love of a heavenly Father for His little children.

We had been warned, that arriving in my 8th month of pregnancy might spell challenges with enrolling into personalized healthcare, or high expenses, due to limited options left. By what could only be a miracle, we were contacted to see a well-known practitioner the second day we arrived, and were informed that Baby’s and my healthcare for this pregnancy would be fully covered.

We had been warned, that this would be an unforgiving winter, that falling sick in my third trimester would be treacherous. When we arrived, however, the weather was beautiful, warm by Canadian standards at 5-8 degrees, giving us time to acclimatize to an abnormally late though frosty winter ahead. I had arrived with hardly any winter clothes but by the next evening, was clothed literally from head to toe with not only winter wear, but maternity winter wear, from very kind and generous hearts.

We had been warned, that parenthood spelled a world of paraphernalia of things, things and more things, that moving abroad and traveling light to different states for further studies with hardly any baby stuff on hand would be a bad idea. But in our transition, we continue to be blessed by mothers reaching out to us, wanting to bless Tiny Tam with what they had lovingly bought their own babies just a while ago, things we’d never even knew we might need, saving us agony, time, luggage space and money. Whenever I would discover we had a new need for Baby, someone would offer it to us without us having told anyone.

Tiny Tam, Mama and Papa want you to know that joy doesn’t come from having a grand mansion, brand new clothes or the latest toys. It doesn’t mean security the way the world defines it. It doesn’t come from being ahead of everyone else, being sure of everything in life, or doing all the “right things” in life everyone says we should to get what we think we want.

Second-hand doesn’t mean second best- it means God’s provision in creative and astounding ways, through the thoughtful love of others; Security doesn’t mean staying put where it’s deemed safest- it means flowing and following God, even when it takes audacious faith; Sacrifice doesn’t mean losing out, it doesn’t even come close to what He has in store for us as our heavenly reward to count as sacrifice.

Mama is adjusting to a new environment and community, but she is learning, that joy every moment is a choice we make. It comes from giving thanks for what we have, and not dwelling on what we’ve lost. ?? You’ll always lose things and sometimes, people, in life, Tiny Tam. But you’ll never lose God.

And He’ll never lose you.

Joy comes from filling our hearts with who He is, and thanksgiving for what He gives. Did you know, what when you were made, your heart was the first thing the doctors looked for on the ultrasound, and the clearest way to see a well-formed heart is to locate the Cross in the centre, symbolizing a healthy four-chambered beating centre?

You see, what God really wants, is just to be at the center of our hearts.

Someday, when you’re not so tiny anymore, we can’t wait to tell you all these anecdotes as bedtime stories – of how much Papa and Mama love you, but of how that love pales in comparison to how much our BIG God loves you, even when you were deep in Mama’s womb, before you were even born.

We pray that you’ll grow up with an audacious faith, to trust God in impossible, impossible circumstances. Because even before you were born, He made a way when there was no way.

It’s getting colder here everyday, and we’ve lots to learn about being Papa and Mama to a new baby in a new place, but we can’t wait to see you soon.

Stay snug and warm where you are, okay?



Photo credits: Team Tam

Transition has a notorious reputation.

Stress, farewells and the great unknown are what she’s known for.

Having moved 4 times in 4 years of marriage, however, we are learning, that through the lens of thanksgiving and gratitude, Transition can be a beautiful arc of change drawing hearts deeper into a greater measure of dependence, faith and trust in God’s ways.

Friends have been understandably worried for us- what with a sudden job transition, moving homes and continents in our third trimester of pregnancy, working full-time almost to the last day of our transit, adjusting to parenthood in what looks to be an unforgiving winter and moving into at least 3 homes in 2 years across two continents abroad.

Nonetheless, we are learning, that while uncertainty opens doors to anxiety, worry and fear, it also provides perfect opportunities for a rainbow bridge of faith, hope and trust to bridge the chasms of need.

Transition can open pathways for us to walk towards a loving Father who has never failed and will never fail us.

We are grateful for the numerous miracles which have happened, over the arc of God’s rainbow of promises:

Where we were short, anonymous blessings came in; where we were told us it would be impossible, doors were flung wide open through breakthroughs in favour with government and healthcare authorities; where it should have been nervewracking to undergo back-to-back transitions in compressed time, God proved Himself faithful by giving His supernatural peace and favour through it all.

I am learning, that there is always a grain of truth in our own wisdom, which often provides realistic expectations for coping through tough times.

Our reality dictates: It will be hard, you might have a meltdown, but you’ll survive.
But there is a divine grace which surpasses what our human minds expect or conceive, when God’s reality for our lives supersedes what our own reality does.

God’s reality dictates: I will overcome odds that no man can, I have gone before you, My yoke is light when you obey Me.

Moving and saying goodbye when we are 8 months pregnant should be hard. Living without knowing what our next season of multiple transitions will look like should be hard. Healthcare, housing, re-budgeting, restarting, parenting, planning should all be hard when they all come at once.

But obedience and trust in a loving Father changes the above with transformative power. What is onerous becomes easy and joyful when we travel light in His will. He goes before us, where no man can.

We are so grateful for yr love and encouragement as we transit into a new adventure of faith, in parenthood and further studies,

as we pray about and prepare ourselves

for the next season of service on the mission field as a family.

We will miss the warmth (literally!) of our friends and family here in Singapore, but also look forward to our community in wintry Canada/the States.

Our 4 suitcases are ready to go.

Baby Tam is ready for its 7th country in its 3rd trimester.

Farewell and hello, depending on where you are!

God has been so good, and He always will be.


It’s our last week or so in Singapore.

Wishing to see Grandpa Zhou (the elderly struggling busker at the train station who had become a dear friend to us over the years) one last time before we moved away for 2 years, we had made special trips to visit him, only to be disappointed as we missed him repeatedly.

What a treat it was to see his face light up when we finally found him in the dark corner.

“It’s so good to see you!” He smiled, before his face dimmed. “Hang qing hen huai (Economy is really bad)” he said, “it’s hard to earn here singing anymore. When you leave, who will take care of me?” he asked, sincerely. I knew he was referring to his medical follow-ups at the clinic and hospital.

Having known his simple faith, I could say with confidence without fear of sounding cliched, “God will,” I said, ” And we’ll continue to pray for you and for Him to send you angels to look after you.”

“What happens if at times, God doesn’t answer?” he asked genuinely.

“Has He ever not?” We smiled, and he listened intently, his eyes widening as he remembered the times God came through for him, time and again.

Right now, Grandpa Zhou receives groceries monthly from some volunteers. One might say his basic needs are taken care of- but a closer conversation beneath his unwashed exterior reveals the difficulties he has bringing the groceries home when people leave them at the train station where he busks due to his walking disability, when the groceries are not what he is used to, and when he longs for friendly conversation and people who can spare a few minutes to sit with him, befriend him and hear a song or two.

“Sometimes kind hearted people want to visit me at home and give me groceries, but I’m never home after they finish work because I am out here busking. I wish I could tell them the things I need, because I don’t use a lot of stuff they decide to give me.”

Remembering the countless ways where God had answered my prayers in miraculously specific ways, I wondered if perhaps, He had called us too to be vessels in His hand, to meet the specific, personal needs in the lives of others in need? It reminded me of needing to go beyond our comfort zones to meet the real, personal and genuine needs of people.

If you ever see him at the train steps of Kembangan or Yishun train station on Mon, Thurs, Sat evenings and Tue, Wed, Fri evenings respectively, please stop to say hello, that you’re a friend of ours.

And if you feel compelled to, feel free to ask him how he is doing, if there is anything he needs, and that you want him to know that God cares for him very much ?? Share this story with a friend.

Whether it’s just a drink, a packet of Chinese rice or a conversation, it could be what He’s been praying for all day. When I think of the ways God has used others to meet the very specific needs in my life at specific times, I wonder if I, too, could be that for somebody else. ??

More of Grandpa Zhou’s stories here.


In my husband’s words,

“We are entering the last leg of our pregnancy triathlon!

Presenting my wife at 6 months!”

I just love how much fun this man makes the pregnancy journey to be.

Thanking God for a smooth journey,

and for all His colorful blessings along the way.