Five weeks ago, at the peak of the COVID crisis in Singapore, my heart weighed heavy.

I tried to work it away, to no avail.

That sadness found its release through a set of drawings, borne from tears, inspired by PM Lee’s first speech in early February, about what made us Singaporean.

Since then, our panic has stopped. We have received international praise.

Our hearts have still been heavy, the economy has slowed, work has doubled for many of us, and yet, we have soldiered on- together.

Gifts of encouragement have inspired us and our watching world to continue to live with hope.

Five weeks later, what divine timing it was that the scrawls I did for my own healing and to encourage a small circle of friends were picked up by Infocomm Media Development Authority to be turned into a short animation.

Dedicated to all my fellow Singaporeans standing in the gap. To our amazing leaders, and every one of you around the globe making our world safer, better, more loving, more hopeful. All of you are heroes.

Truly, we are all in this together. Let’s not leave anyone behind. This is what makes us Singaporean. This is who we are.

With special thanks to Robot Playground Media Pte Ltd and Kathryn Cheng for bringing my vision to life with your gifts, to Infocomm Media Development Authority – IMDA for envisioning my scrawls in animation before it came to be, to our leaders leading this fight, and to Cliff Tam for being with me through it all.


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