2019 was a year of multiple transitions. With every transition, came uncertainty. But with every uncertainty, came faith and God’s faithfulness.

Today, as we embark on a new year, we give thanks for God’s amazing grace in seeing us through these various milestones, in the past year, believing He has more in store:

  1. Of starting the Kitesong podcast, which was birthed through pain: http://www.kitesong.sg/2019/01/kitesongs-podcast.html

podcast cover art 3000 by 3000

  1. Of witnessing God’s spectacular love even in a dark pregnancy, and becoming parents all over again, after yet another beautiful and memorable home birth in Canada that taught me the deepest spiritual lesson on pain.

leaning in

  1. Of saying goodbye to a home and neighbors we so love in Canada, and saying hello to a series of inconceivable miracles- God’s thoughtful provisions on a long-haul flight with two little ones, Sarah-Faith’s miraculous healing, God’s lavish love through Community.

SF truck

  1. Of returning to Singapore to a journey of bountiful and specific blessings, each one thoughtfully given by our Abba Father.


  1. Of starting work in medical school, under gracious and loving bosses, who are more than superiors, but spiritual parents. Of being able to give back, and sharing my life journey through Kitesong Global with doctors-to-be.


  1. Of strengthening our marriage, of reinstating date nights, and going for inner healing together, breaking down the walls of hurt and miscommunication accumulated over the years of tremendous transitions and uncertainties. Of supporting one another, through each other’s depression and healing.


  1. Of seeing our children grow in love and togetherness. Of seeing Sarah-Faith blossom into an older sister who cannot stop kissing Esther-Praise. Of seeing Esther-Praise be a witness of being an unreasonable outcome, who is growing into a giggly, loveable, sweet baby who brings joy to strangers and loved ones.

SF and EP

  1. Of reviving our heart for the mission field, to see Kitesong Global brought into the nations, to the poor, underprivileged and needy.


  1. Of admiring my husband more, as he grows in his identity in God as a father.


  1. Of trusting God for more to come.

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Thank you Jesus, for the miracles you have done.

We love you.

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