Recently, a savage flare of eczema upon Sarah-Faith broke our hearts as we watched this trooper of a child battle through excruciating distress day after day. Angry red welts of eczema blanketed her little body and I spent many nights crying out for God to heal her.

After many months of intensive moisturizing regimens that felt bewildering and agonizing for a child going through the terrible twos, disappointing doctors visits, and what we felt was a spiritual battle that left us feeling discouraged, guilty and exhausted, especially after having just had a newborn, we finally reached tipping point and saw immense improvement over the past week.

Today, tears welled up in my eyes as Sarah-Faith stretched out both her arms and said to me, “All better now! Thank you Jesus!” before running off to the playground.

As I caught a glimpse of her precious smile as she started running, I was reminded of the joy she has kept through this entire ordeal. Through the days of unbearable itch, tears and bleeding, she always found reason every day to smile, to laugh and to say the words “Thank you Mama, thank you Papa, thank you Jesus.”

To all of you who have been praying for us, thank you.


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