About a year later from that special day, I stand back and marvel at the incredible miracle that happened.

A little bashful dream to celebrate your 1st birthday and share a story about a kitesong in a little classroom with a humble homemade cake with a few friends, through prayer & Providence, turned into a public event at the largest function hall of an Ivy League university, with sponsored cake and pizza enough to feed 200, professional videography whose cost was waived because the staff adored you, and seats filled to overflowing into the corridors that summoned the attention of security guards… all because of everyone’s great love for a little baby they claimed to bring them so much joy.

Truly, when we present our littlest of dreams into the world, could it be that it is more than chance that listens, but God Himself who intervenes because of His great love.

As you turn 2 and Kitesong Global turns 1, as you leaf through Mama’s books, sit on my lap and insist I read them to you (“BOOK!! BOOK! MAMA BOOK!!”) my eyes tear with wonder at the time that has passed-

– at the time a towering four-year old boy screamed at you at the public library when we first moved to a new country and everyone froze, watching you, certain that you would melt and cry… my arms were wide open to receive you, but you stood your ground, and for the first time ever in your little life, you summoned all the courage in the world to wag your index finger at him with a triumphant “no-no”, and ran back to me with a big smile on your face, leaving the staring crowd of grandmas and mamas laughing in stitches and cheering you on, all at 16 months of age.

– at the time Mama was certain her nose bridge had broken when you fell on my face at a bad angle by accident, and you disappeared suddenly- only to have me realize that you had independently climbed two flights of stairs, walked to the kitchen and (who-knows-how) found a ziplock bag and walked down by yourself again, dabbing my nose with it because you had remembered how I had dabbed a ziplock bag with ice on your head previously when you fell, all at 18 months of age.

– and at the times you fell and just laughed, the way you prayed before meals and bedtime and made your bear-friends do the same, at the times you could shake off the dust from all our crazy house-moving and transitions and just laugh with wide-eyed, awe-inspired wonder at the days to come…

… all before you turned two.

For all the miracles of faith that have happened in your little life filled with big dreams, for all the hearts that you drew to His even before you spoke a word, for all the smiles and laughter you bring to all around you, for all the wonder you carry- Happy 2nd Birthday Sarah-Faith.

We’re looking forward to celebrating it with Mama’s this weekend- May all your dreams be set free, to light up our world, as you already do.



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