Dear friends, 


Thank you for your wonderful encouragement and support through the years on our journey through Kitesong.


As some of you might know, we’ve recently launched Kitesong’s podcast.


With listeners from 9 countries, my prayer is that it may be a tremendous blessing to you and others all over the world, to continue to seek and pursue God. If you might have 2 minutes, I’d love to hear how this podcast has touched you through your note/review on iTunes.


If you know someone who might be blessed by it, please share this with them. 


This week, I will also be collecting questions from listeners for our upcoming season that grapples with depression, identity, eating disorders and most of all, recovering and living with HOPE & JOY.


Please send your questions to I would love to hear from you and send a chosen someone a copy of a book of their choice.

Be blessed.



Wai Jia

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