Someday I will get something done
Without a child stuck to my hip
Hands glued to my knee
Eyes saying,
“Mama, mama, pick me up.”

Someday when my hands are free,
I will get something done.

Don’t you know, little one?
There’s a world of work
Out there to be done-
Emails, crises, meetings to handle,
Laundry, dishes, errands to settle.

There’s a world of Important work to be done,
Don’t you know, little one?

Someday, perhaps, I will see,
All these moments of just you and me,
My lips in your hair,
You twirling with flair,
Were the makings of Important
Dreams to set free.

Your arms I caressed,
Your smiley mess,
Those cheeks like a rose,
And that round little nose,
That I blew and I wiped and I squeezed and I kissed,
Will soon be the makings of
Legacies, missed.

So the days I’d wished I could get something done,
Have actually been all these days clothed in fun,
Between that quiet suckle,
And tying your buckle,
Were Important moments
Under the sun.

Someday when my hands are free,
I’ll have time without you- just me.
I’ll have time for emails to write,
Important people to meet,
Maybe even have eight hours of sleep.
I’ll be important to many again- that’s quite true,
But still, none as Important as I’d been to you.

In a twinkle and a dum, you’ll be grown,
And we’ll see the fruit of great seeds sown.

Today I got some Important things done-
I held your heroic hand,
I kissed a stout heart on the mend.
These seconds and minutes and hours of loving,
Will one day be seeds to an oak tree that’s growing,
For hundreds and thousands and millions of hearts,
To give shade and respite from the world’s fiery darts.

With hands that aren’t free,
A child glued to my hip,
What many Important things I’ve done

With you.


Love, Mama

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