At school today for our capstone (mini-thesis) presentations, our entire cohort gathered together for lunch and a class photo.

As friends gathered around Sarah-Faith, a classmate of mine approached Cliff intentionally and said, “You know Cliff, I really respect you. It’s so evident that you’re a great Dad and husband. It’s not easy, and… you’re amazing.”

As awkward as it might have seemed, it moved me greatly. Because it wasn’t the first time men in my class had told me that Cliff was a role model to them, as a dedicated father and husband.

For all the times Sarah-Faith and I received added attention, there was him quietly loving on us, showering us with His love so we could thrive, grow and flourish. 🌷

Truly, to a man who comes back with flowers every time I send him out to have some “me” time to recharge from all his duties in study, husband-ing and fathering… My greatest Mothers’ Day present is knowing we have you. ❤️

Thank you.


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