Since the high of the launch of Kitesong Global and Sarah-Faith’s 1st birthday, an incident happened which had left me feeling low.

Yet, how God has His special ways of reaching out to us, reminding us how much we’re on His heart.

I was just about to leave the auditorium at church because Sarah-Faith had started to babble loudly during a guest speaker’s sermon when he stopped midway in his message and said over the microphone with a joke, “Hey I was once a baby too- Mama, please don’t leave,” asked for her name over the pulpit (which the audience shouted back) and then announced, “I want to give this children’s book of mine to Sarah-Faith.”

Sarah-Faith then gave a loud “BAAAAHH!” which rang through the entire auditorium at church, that met with warm laughs and applause.

Thank you God, for the special ways you remind us of how special and loved each of us are and for the gifts of joy you give to us daily.

This baby just makes a splash wherever she goes!

Happy Lunar New Year


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