I remember when we transited to our new home in Baltimore, we hardly knew anyone. Our luggage was limited. We had no furniture. Cliff told me, that he noticed our little one was running out of clothes which fit, as she was growing fast.

Now, it amazes me to sit back and see a house that looks like a home- owners of furniture sold them second hand to us at a steal on the next day we arrived, our neighbors keep coming over to say hello, and when we invited a lonely gentleman who had helped us with some heavy lifting for lunch at our home one day, little did we expect him to bring a big bag of clothes for our baby, filling that exact age gap of clothes which she was missing. How could he have known?

God, You know our needs.

How You love us all.


“Thank you for my purple owl romper and many more, Uncle S. And thank you God for my new home.”

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