Maybe Christmas is:

– sending out Christmas cards, writing to people you love and realizing you have written more than 80 letters to more than 80 people you love in 2 days.

– waking up at 5am to bake cookies for your family, neighbours and friends, and feeling refreshed.

– talking to God.

– emceeing for your church’s children Christmas programme in public, having fun teaching kids (and adults) an action song and laughing yourself silly on stage till you realise you’re being videotaped.

– having your sister return from overseas for a week and having family dinner- together, finally, and laughing till your tummies hurt, like we’ve not done for a really long time. Laughing the way we do only when the four, not three, of us are together, Complete. Four of us, together again, Complete, like the way things should be-even if it’s only for the next seven days.

– the four of us opening presents under the same Christmas tree we’ve had since I was twelve.

– knowing that Santa doesn’t exist- But that that’s the best news there ever was, because Someone else who does exist can give us more than Santa ever could.

There’s nothing more I really want for Christmas than what I already have for free.

A family of the four of us, Complete, laughing about stupid things till our tummies hurt; presents that only mean anything because of who gave it to us; and something deep inside so rich, and real and wholesome it could only be called God’s love.

What I want, I already have for free. God’s love, in the form of family, laughter and hugs. This has been the simplest and best Christmas Eve ever.

Merry Christmas to each and every one of you, and Happy Birthday, God.

I love You.

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